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Battlefield 3 – Patchgerüchte

In einem russischen Forum ist ein mögliches Changelog für den nächsten Patch aufgetaucht, der als Vorbereitung für dienen wird. Quelle scheint eine italienische Seite zu sein, da das Changelog aus dem italienischen übersetzt wurde. Versionsnummer soll 1.06 sein.
Bitte beachten: Es handelt sich um ein inoffizielles Changelog und kann dementsprechend auch vollkommen falsch sein.

Reduced the reload time for: SCAR-L, AEK-971, F2000, AN-94, AK-74, PP2000, G3A3, SKS, MG36, JNG-90, MK3A1, SCAR-H, SVD, QBZ-95B, AUG A3, 44 Magnum, KH2002, Pecheneg, L85A2, QBB-95, M1911, MP7, M4A1, FAMAS, M39 EBR, M416, PP-19, QBU-88
Increased the reload time for: P90
Increased the UMP 45’s damage at close range, reduced damage at long range
Increased the PP2000’s damage at long range to highlight its midrange role
increased the M1911’s min damage to make it fit better between the .44 and the M9/MP443
Reduced damage, range and recoil for the M93R
Increased the MP412’s rate of fire and reload time (!) to highlight the .44’s improvement in CQB (?)
Decreased the SG553’s h-recoil to make it more controllable
Decreased the MG36’s v-recoil to make it more controllable
Decreased the M416’s h-recoil and FSRM to highlight its difference from the M16
Increased the M16’s recoil
Increased the M4’s recoil
Decreased the G36’s FSRM
Increased the bonus given by the bipod with: F2000, G3A3, M27, M416, Pecheneg, Type88, FAMAS, MG36
Added 3-round burst mode to the MP5K
Slightly reduced the heavy barrel’s bonus when used with the 5.56mm, 5.45mm, 6.5mm assault rifles and carbines, I suppose.
Slightly reduced the suppressor’s drop off penalty for all 5,56 mm, 5,45 mm, e 6.5 mm weapons: assault rifles, carbines and lmgs.
Slightly reduced the suppressor’s drop off penalty for the Scar-H
Increased the LVG 40mm’s max damage range, damage and gamma (???) are the same
Solved the Scar-L’s HB bug
Solved jets not giving the laser designation bonus
Solved the AUG’s M320 Smoke bug
Increased the mortar’s damage and damage range
Added underbarrel rail for L85 and Famas
The G3A3 can now use underslung grenade launchers
Increased the Claymores‘ damage against infantry
E-mags readded for RPK, MG36 e QBB95
Increased the F2000’s v-recoil (!)
Slightly increased the AEK971’s h-recoil
Increased the M417’s v-recoil and h-recoil
Slightly increased the JNG90’s reload time, it was statistically better than any other BASR bar the M98B, this will make it balanced
Slightly increased the SPAS12’s reload time, it’s still faster than the 870MCS but slower than pre-patch (?)
Increased the ACW-R’s damage since it was weaker than other carbines, adding 6.5mm (rounds) (?)
Decreased the AS-VAL’s v-recoil
Increased the RPG’s accuracy,to make it different from the SMAW’s distance (?)

Solved the attack helicopter being unable to destroy deployed equipment
Increased the damage of jets‘ and choppers‘ rockets against choppers, jets and infantry
Increased the gunships‘ (?) and IFVs‘ damage against choppers and jets
Increased the AA’s damage against infantry, decreased against tanks
Synchronized the reload time with the animation for the following weapons: M416, F200, FAMAS, KH2002, MK3A1, JNG90, MG36, QBU88, SVD, PECHENEG, SCAR-H, AN-94. Why is this even under vehicles?
C-RAM and Pantisir are now destructible
Increased the TV missile’s velocity
Solved the TV missile exploding after launch
The air radar now shows friendly aircraft as well as enemy ones
MAA can now damage tanks couldn’t it before?
The jets‘ guided missiles now lock on more quickly
The LAV gets disabled at 30% health, no longer at 50%
Decreased the canister shell’s damage against infantry and choppers
Added C-RAM on US carrier on Noshar Canals to avoid spawn camping

Friendly grenades now have a different colour
The knife is more reliable and relevant (?) for melee attacks
Slightly reduced the refire rate between knife takedowns
Explosives now remain after death
Added flag letters on the minimap
Reduced the aim assist, now it’s slightly better than before patch 1.05
Solved the glitch where in Close Quarters and Op. Metro you could go outside the map
Servers now show the next map at the end of a game
Changed the ACW-R’s calibre on Battlelog from 5.56mm to 6.5mm
Players using fixed weapons emplacements and mortars can now be knifed
Fixed the sound going out of sync
All players with at least one SS with the SMAW and the RPG can now choose which one to equip
Premium players can now choose which one of the two knifes to equip (ACB90/ Knife)
Decreased the SOFLAM’s range
Added new Master Dogtags for: M9/MP443/M1911 Tact, M1911 Supp, M67 Grenade, Repair tool, Defibs
Removed the minimap on Hardcore


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  3. Stimmt auch wieder!

  4. Dieser Changelog ist zu zu 2/3 von einen Changelog abgekupfert in dem mögliche änderungen von Alan Kertz ( Core Gameplay Designer BF3) auf der folgenden seite gepostet wurde.

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