Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Beta Tag 2

Tag zwei der Blackout Beta ist vorüber und Treyarch hat uns Feedback dagelassen, welches ihr euch im Folgenden durchlesen könnt (Englisch):

  • Level 2 & 3 Armor: As with the MP Beta, we’re taking a cautious approach to changes to Armor during the Blackout Beta as we keep an eye on overall gameplay balance. As part of a secondary update that recently went live yesterday, we fixed a bug where all explosive damage was not impacting Level 3 Armor. We are currently evaluating and testing where and how often Level 3 Armor makes its appearance, as well as reducing its absorption properties (will transfer more damage and break easier). In doing so, we are also evaluating Level 2 armor to adjust appropriately.
  • Weapons: We slowed down the rate at which you can aim down the sights of the Koshka sniper rifle, and continue to carefully measure the performance and popularity of other weapons. We’ve got our eyes on the Vapr right now. It’s an incredibly popular weapon (no doubt given how powerful its suppressor is), but it hasn’t precisely proven to be overpowered.
  • Zombies: Zombies can attack you from a range we didn’t intend. We are testing the fix for this right now.
  • Item Distribution: This important game system governs how many of which type of Item (be it a Weapon, Perk Consumable, Backpack, Attachment, or anything else) appears at any Destination, in a Supply Drop, or in a Stash. We continue to slowly refine the quantity, frequency, and quality of those Items.
  • Item/Inventory Management: We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback about the Inventory and Item management systems in Blackout. As a start, we’ve decreased how long it takes to pick up Items in the world. Additionally, we automatically close the Quick Equip menu if you haven’t interacted with it within 5 seconds. We are currently evaluating additional “quality of life” features to improve this experience, including how you interact with a Stash and manage Attachments on weapons more efficiently. Some of these are complex systems and may not be ready before the Beta period ends.
  • Kill Credit: We’ve seen that there are certain situations where players are not being properly credited for kills. We’re looking to track down all the different scenarios where this happens and will fix them for launch.
  • Ladders: We’re aware that a number of players have had issues backing down ladders. The team is considering ways to address this. Adjustments to climbing down ladders may not make it into the Beta, but we’re looking at it in time for launch. As a reminder, it’s always faster to base jump if you’re high enough. Sprint towards the edge and press and hold the Jump button.
  • Reporting Bad Behavior: As we mentioned in our first update, we’re continuing to track bad player behavior with our security team and have been banning users for intentional team killing. If you encounter this or other bad behavior in-game, you can be part of the solution by using the “Report Player” system in the Social menu to report:
    • Offensive Language
    • Cheating
    • Griefing

In addition to the items above, we’ve also made the following updates today:

  • Playlist Updates:
    • Added new “Fast Collapse” playlist (notes above).
  • Miscellaneous Fixes:
    • General stability and matchmaking fixes.
    • Downed players can no longer interact with their Inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where a raft was spawning upside down near Hydro Dam.
    • Fixed an exploit that could lead to unlimited ammo.
  • Tuning Updates:
    • Armor: Players wearing Level 3 armor will now take explosive damage.
    • Titan: Fixed the reticle on the gold Titan.
    • Koshka: Headshots will no longer 1-shot players with 200HP.
    • Paladin: Headshots will no longer 1-shot players with 200HP.

Quelle: Treyarch