Patchnotes für Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update 1.06 vom 13.12.2016 und neuer CWL Bug

Hat diesmal etwas länger gedauert, doch Infinity Ward hat nun die Patchnotes für das gestern erschienene Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update veröffentlicht! Tatsächlich sind Informationen für alle Plattformen enthalten, was relativ unüblich, aber durchaus gern gesehen ist.

Neuer Fehler im CWL private Match Modus

Unter kleineren Bugfixes wie Freezes im Singleplayer oder ein Fehler im Klasseneditor bei den Camos und diversen behobenen Exploits auf einigen Maps sind auch diverse Fixes im CoDCaster durchgeführt worden. Das ist angesichts der anstehenden CWL auch gar nicht so unwichtig. Doch auch hier scheint ein neuer Bug Einzug gehalten zu haben: Aktuell MUSS wohl ein Spieler im CoDCaster Modus im Spiel vorhanden sein, damit private CWL Matches stattfinden können.

Ein neuer Bug in Infinite Warfare: Es MUSS aktuell ein CoDCaster in einem privaten CWL Match vorhanden sein
Ein neuer Bug in Infinite Warfare: Es MUSS mit dem Update 1.06 aktuell ein CoDCaster in einem privaten CWL Match vorhanden sein

Infinite Warfare Patchnotes zum Update 1.06 vom 13.12.2016 (Englisch)

[go_spoiler title=“General Fixes“ style=“fancy“]

  • Fixed exploits on various maps
  • Adjustments to the Message Of The Day
  • Fix for a bug where players would experience a crash after loading into Frontier from a custom game
  • Fix for a freeze that can occur during Single Player
  • Fixed a bug for camos in the Create a Class menu
  • Audio adjustments in the Emblems menu
  • Fix for weapon accessories not appearing on the left Akimbo weapon
  • Fix for the pre-match camera causing streaming issues when loading into Throwback
  • Fix for users being unable to change teams, making the player unable to access spectate or CODCaster options in custom FFA games
  • Created a fix for players not earning Keys after reaching max rank with Mission Teams (you can earn keys with a level 50 team!)
  • Fix for an infinite loop that could occur if opening the game in an already running state
  • Various visual adjustments to MP splitscreen when loading into certain maps
  • Fix for the MP scoreboard briefly displaying a player’s score as the team score if the user has their scoreboard open during a round transition
  • Allow for the rank meter animation to play again once a user confirms they would like to redeem a 2XP token
  • Fixed a bug where the 3rd person player character did not face the correct way when airborne and shooting another player
  • Fixed a bug in splitscreen where neither player could view the weapon models on occasion
  • Hardpoint adjustments: Throwback – Removed „Lime“ Hardpoint from rotation. Hardpoints 1-4 go in the same order: Train Platform > Barn > Bike Path > Baseball Field > repeat. The Hardpoint for Bike Path was slightly adjusted to not allow captures while wallrunning on the side of the bridge.
  • Hardpoint adjustments: Breakout – Moved Visitor Room Hardpoint on top of the Visitor building (Central Rooftop)

[go_spoiler title=“Xbox One“ style=“fancy“]

  • Fix for a rare occurrence where a black flicker would occur after a match when in the post-game lobby
  • Fixed a bug where select weapons would not auto reload when a player sprints
  • Adjusted audio issues for users without headsets on and in correlation to whatever settings they have set up in Display and Sound
  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to unmute players

[go_spoiler title=“PC“ style=“fancy“]

  • Fix for a bug in the advanced video option menus
  • Fixed an issue where after a player removes their controller in the Create a Class menu in MP, it can cause the gamepad icons and buttons to still appear on screen
  • Fix for the Enter Key when being used for keybinding
  • Various performance and UI fixes
  • Fix for an error message users might see after changing texture resolution options
  • Fix for the personalization weapon kits button disappearing in Zombies in Spaceland
  • Fix for exiting the game via the Main Menu that can sometimes cause the game to freeze

[go_spoiler title=“CWL/CODCASTER“ style=“fancy“]

    • Fix for a bug where if the caster rapidly changes from display to loadout settings or vice versa using keyboard shortcuts, the previous menu would reopen
    • Ability to hide team logo and team name and in the scoreboard MP HUD when toggling off Team Identity • Fix for game rules no locking when selecting CWL rules.
    • Allow for CWL rules to be edited but once an edit is made, the CWL tag will disappear
    • Allow players to see the team colors of other players while in pregame lobby besides their own • Fix for XRAY customizations not being displayed once the game loads
    • Fix for a bug where that match would not end while casting Gun Game or FFA matches with custom rules set to limited lives
    • Fix for Uplink goal color while in “follow drone” spectating and performance fixes for the follow drone feature
    • Allow Rig draft in private match
    • Fix for minimap sizes in CODCaster
    • Disabled the white UAV sweep that would occur on the minimap when in CODCaster
    • Fixed a bug where players are able to use Payloads/Traits with the wrong character
    • Added audio timer to Draft