CoD4:MW – Promod Live 2.10 EU veröffentlicht

Nach fast anderthalb Jahren Pause hat sich gestern wieder etwas bei der Promod Live getan. Genauer gesagt wurde die Promod Live 2.10 EU für Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare veröffentlicht. In der neuesten Version wurde ein paar Fixes und Tweaks überarbeitet und ein paar neue Funktionen in die Mod integriert.
So kann man beispielsweise Promod-Modi sehen, welche eine „Knife“-Runde bieten. Weiterhin besteht die Möglichkeit, diese nach den eigenen Bedürfnissen anzupassen. Zu den Neurungen zählen zudem die Fähigkeit „killspec“, ein aktualisierter „Strat“-Modus sowie eine verbesserte „Shoutcaster“-Funktion.

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  • Game code optimizations which reduce the size of mod over 50% compared to V2.04
  • Killspec mode. Commits suicide, releases current class spot and does not respawn the player before a class is selected again. Can be activated through quickmessage menu: B-4-4 or by console command openscriptmenu quickpromod killspec
  • Moved game timer closer to the edge of the screen for shoutcasters
  • Improved server integrity checks
  • Defaulted “promod_mode” to strat when starting a new server from main menu
  • Knife round. For match modes adds an extra round and ready-up mode, in public games it will be the first round of map. It can be toggled via knife keyword in promod_mode (for example match_mr10_knife) or dvar “promod_kniferound” in public games. Scorebot announces knife round via knife_round keyword
  • Ready-up mode is more responsive
  • Improved promod_mode, for use see below
  • Increased dropped weapon disappearing time to 3 minutes
  • Promod Commands and Promod Graphics menus can be accessed via openscriptmenu quickpromod controls / graphics respectively
  • Added tactical timeouts for lan mode. It is possible to take unlimited amount of timeouts for unlimited time
  • Improved strat mode
  • Fixed public server weapons glitch
  • Forced fs_game for match modes. If you don’t know how to change fs_game setting, please contact your Game Server Provider
  • Removed red enemy dots from large map
  • Included with package: PunkBuster MD5Tool checks for main/iw_##.iwd files. This needs to be set up manually, see below
  • Added echo command, which will display text only to yourself in game message box. Usage: openscriptmenu echo text_I_want_to_display – note that underscores are replaced with spaces. Works also with colors. However stacking two openscriptmenu commands to one bind will not work
  • Shoutcasters can now choose who to follow using binds and even toggle players by their current class

Plus many other visual, non-gameplay related improvements.
Download: CoD4:MW – Promod Live 2.10 EU
Quelle: COD Promod
Mit bestem Dank an „Moody“ für den Hinweis.