CoD4:MW – Promod Live 2.11 veröffentlicht

Mitte Dezember 2010 erschien nach langer Zeit eine neue Version der Promod Live für Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Seitdem ist wieder Bewegung in der Mod, weshalb gestern die Promod Live in der Version 2.11 veröffentlicht wurde.
Die Promod Live 2.11 gibt es in zwei Varianten, einmal in eine europäische Variante (EU) und eine nicht-europäische Variante (NE), welche zuvor unterteilt war in NA (Nordamerika) und AU (Australien). Die neue Version bietet einige Änderungen und Fehlerbehebungen, welche ihr in der Changelog findet.

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Changelog – Promod Live 2.11

  • Soften smoke edges (also known as r_zfeather) is back to being forced off
  • Dead chat is no longer automatically handled in public-modes
  • Promod will properly force player to reconnect to the server if “vid_restart” was called
  • The “You killed…” text’s Y-position can be modified in devmap for movie-makers (see below)
  • Removed player head-icons from Marines and SAS (stock bug, as opposing teams don’t have head-icons)
  • Fixed planted/defused/destroyed announcer sounds
  • Promod header will inform about the usage of knife round feature
  • Specular effect on car-glasses made transparent
  • Better overall handling of player status icons
  • The bomb-briefcase is no longer visible in timeout or knife-round
  • Ability to cancel timeouts by the caller (by calling another timeout)
  • Ready-up hud will always display own status (important for shoutcasters)
  • Shoutcaster will automatically follow another player when current player dies
  • Shoutcasters have ability to spectate another shoutcaster when that shoutcaster is using follow-player-binds
  • Full map restart is called when server admin changes game type and issues a fast restart
  • Fixed a bug where a player could sprint longer after planting/defusing
  • Ragdolls removed because of random behaviour
  • Added an option for custom map developers to specify default sunlight (level.sunlight) in map script to correctly set with Promod “stock” sunlight option
  • Strattime and knife round in public-modes are now working properly
  • Scorebot improvements and fixes, see FAQ for comprehensive documentation
  • Different game menu adjustments
  • Dvar-monitor will now display both the old and the new value when change is detected
  • Before a match starts, a list of dvar changes during ready-up mode is displayed
  • Some additions to strictly forced server settings
  • Fixed several issues with bomb-drop
  • Added training-dummy feature for strat mode, which will only work on listen/local servers with PunkBuster turned off
  • Added a record-menu which will popup once a player is ready, this menu can optionally be disabled in the quickmessage menu: B-4-5
  • Added a sound notification to the last player to ready-up

CoD4:MW – Promod Live 2.11 EU
CoD4:MW – Promod Live 2.11 NE
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