Patch Notes zum neusten Black Ops 4 Update (08. August)

Passend zum Black Ops 4 Update (Hotfix) vom 08. August, hat uns Treyarch die Patch Notes geteilt. Diese informieren auch über das Problem, dass man auf PlayStation 4 die Zombies-Karten Ancient Evil, Classified und Dead of the Night nicht downloaden kann. Solltet ihr das Problem haben, wird empfohlen, den Download abzuschließen, das Spiel neuzustarten und den Download noch ein Mal abzuschließen, was in Folge eines Fixes dann funktionieren sollte (Was nach eigener Erfahrung allerdings immer noch nicht funktioniert). Wie dem auch sei, folgen nun die Patch Notes, da diese allerdings auf Englisch sind, könnt ihr gerne Fragen stellen, falls etwas unklar ist.


  • Pandemic
    • Gameplay
      • Infected players can now break doors.
      • Melee attacks as an infected player will no longer break sprint.
      • The last survivor that dies in the endgame will no longer receive a “Defeat” screen.
      • Improved 3rd-person spawn camera for infected players.
    • UI
      • Addressed an issue that sometimes led to zombies spawning with access to their Quick Equip menu.
    • Stability
      • Multiple stability improvements.


  • Weapons
    • M16
      • Diamond Camo will now unlock properly on the M16.
    • Locus
      • Recon scope on the Locus will no longer lose functionality when Pack-a-Punched.
  • Gauntlets
    • “Duck and Cover”
      • Addressed an issue that prevented zombies from dying to the Burned Out Elixir.
      • Closed an exploit related to Jolting Jacks.
  • UI
    • Added missing Mastercraft icons in the Armory.


  • Weapons
    • Havelina AA50
      • Addressed an issue that could sometimes prevent the Havelina AA50 from reloading the full magazine.


  • Weapons
    • Rampart 17
      • Removed a white square that sometimes appeared on the Rampart 17 equipped with the Reflex optic.
    • UI
      • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused Spectre’s Operator outfit to disappear in the menu.


  • Paintjobs
    • Restored previously created Paintjobs that appeared missing due to a visual bug.
  • Warpaints
    • Added missing Warpaints for Battery, Ajax, and Torque.

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Quelle: Treyarch (Reddit)