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Patchnotes Version 1.10 in Englisch

Black Ops 3 Patchnotes – (v. 1.16) Englisch PS4+Xbox

Mit dem neuen und vierten DLC „Salavation“, welches seid gestern für die Playstation 4 online ist, ist auch ein neuer Patch sowie seine Patchnotes für die Playstation 4 und Xbox One online gegangen.

Gestern ist ein weiterer Patch sowie die Patchnotes, für : Black Ops 3, in der Version v. 1.16 für und Xbxo One erschienen. Wichtigster Bestandteil des Patches ist das neue DLC „Salavation“ und im „In Game Store“ neue CWL (CoDWorldLeague) Team und Champions Packs.



Salvation DLC 4 Map Pack Support:

  • Outlaw:
    • Gear up for a showdown in Outlaw; a western-style re-imagining of the fan favorite map Standoff from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This rough-and-tough medium-sized map brings classic engagements, flanking routes and strategic positions for long and medium ranged combat
  • Citadel:
    • Once home to a powerful medieval army, this ancient castle now sits broken and abandoned. Tight corners force close-quarters engagements, while the moat and drawbridge allow for unique player movement opportunities in this mid-sized map. The last trespassers didn’t make it out alive – maybe you’ll have a better shot.
  • Rupture:
    • The Call of Duty: World at War classic Outskirts is re-imagined as a high-tech facility, designed by a futuristic society desperate to repair the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Micro:
    • What’s better than a BBQ on a hot summer day? A miniaturized war zone that takes place on a well-stocked family picnic table, that’s what! Navigate this bite-size battlefield for a larger-than-life experience.
  • Revelations:
    • The Origins characters have taken an epic journey through space and time with all of their struggles leading to this very moment. In Revelations – the final chapter of the Zombies experience – Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai finally come face to face with the mysterious Doctor Monty in The House.  Confronted by an ancient evil, our heroes must fight the zombie horde once more in the final battle to save their immortal souls.




  • Addressed an issue where a user would occasionally lose menu functionality upon joining a game.
  • Addressed a lobby issue when all members of a party did not have the same maps.
  • Switching a lobby to a CWL game mode no longer displays debug text.
  • Addressed an issue that caused overlapping text during the Ban/Protect phase of a CWL match.
  • New Emblem and Calling Card breadcrumbs are now behaving properly.
  • After unlocking all Calling Cards in a Black Market set, the Featured Card will now be properly animated.

In-Game Store:

  • CWL Champions Pack:
    • CWL Champions Pack is now available to purchase for 200 points.
    • Contains a unique CWL themed weapon camo.
  • CWL Team Packs:
    • CWL Team Packs are now available to purchase for 500 COD points.
    • Each Package contains a Calling Card and Camo for each team in that region.
      • ANZ:
        • Excellence
        • nV
        • Orbit GG
        • Tainted Minds
        • Mindfreak
      • EU:
        • Team Infused
        • Millennium
        • Splyce
        • Epsilon
        • Supremacy
        • LDLC
      • NA:
        • Optic Gaming
        • Faze Clan
        • Rise Nation
        • Team Envy
        • Team Elevate
        • Cloud9

Black Market:

  • Contracts:
    • The activation prompt for Blackjack Mercenary Contracts will now function properly.
    • Fixed a string issue in the ‘Replace Current Contract’ prompt.


  • Nomad:
    • H.I.V.E:
      • Kills with the HIVE gun will now properly count towards the “Tools of the Trade” Contract.




  • General
    • Resolved an issue that blocked the ability to start a Public Match on some maps.
    • Addressed a theater animation issue that occurred when watching older films.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Death Machine to show an ammo count after viewing the in-game scoreboard.

    Gorod Krovi

    • Addressed an issue where players would not benefit from a Max Ammo power up if they are riding the dragon.
    • Resolved an issue where players could jump onto the Gigant Finger Trap to exploit zombie pathing.
    • Addressed a bug preventing the player from picking up a quest item inside the Groph Module, when using the Gauntlet of Siegfried.
    • Fixed a rare issue where the player would not be able to pick up a power up when a Groph Module would land between the Armory and Supply Depot.
    • Addressed a rare issue when the Game Over screen will display missing geometry behind the score board.

    Zetsubou No Shima

    • Addressed several GobbleGum issues relating to Zetsubou No Shima map features.

    Shadows of Evil

    • Resolved a bug that caused the Margwa to appear incorrectly at longer distances.


Die deutsche Übersetzung der Patchnotes folgt in Kürze.



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