Call of Duty: Strike Team Neues Update verfügbar

Auf iOS gibt es für das Handyspiel Call of Duty: Strike Force ein neues Update. Das Update behebt nicht nur Fehler sondern bringt einen neuen Domination Modus, eine neue Combat Zone und eine neue Waffe (PDW-57).

Take global command of the battle against Cordis Die by being ready to deploy your Strike Team quickly to anywhere in the world… from the mountains of Afghanistan to the rooftops of Kowloon! This new mode includes a raft of new features such as new mission objectives, leagues and weekly rewards.
Take the fight to the enemy by capturing and holding key checkpoints to earn score multipliers and Token rewards.
Hold back an audacious enemy assault on a US Naval Carrier in “Survival”, “Time Attack”, and “Domination” modes. Unlocked when you reach XP level 16
By popular fan request, the new sub-machine gun weapon class can now be deployed to your team! Choose from the PDW-57 and more!