Call of Duty: Black Ops – Competitive Match Mod in Arbeit

Obwohl die Modtools für Black Ops noch nicht veröffentlich wurden, arbeiten schon einige ungeduldige Modder an den ersten Modifikationen. So wie der User Eekhoorn, der im Tek-9 Forum seine Competitive Match Mod vorstellt.
Die Mod richtet sich nach der ProMod für CoD4 und soll Black Ops Competition fähiger machen. Da sich die Mod noch in der Beta-Phase befindet, gibt es derzeit noch keine Files. Hier aber schon mal ein Changelog:

Sounds and music
-Leader dialog has been removed from the game.
-Music has been removed from the game.
-All maps have fx effects removed such as snow
Gameplay and Balancing
-The SMG class has been reduced in power.
-The AWP fix has been implemented.
-The nosway fix has been implemented.
-Knife automelee and lunge has been removed.
Class optimization
-The communists have there own Assault and SMG’s.
-The ops have there own Assault and SMG’s.
-The Stakeout is the only avaible shotgun.
-Grenades power has been slightly increased.
-The L96A1 is the only avaible sniper.
-Perks are disabled, same for attachments.
-Flash/smoke are the only avaible equipments.
-The weapon class menu has not been made yet, atm we
use 10 Promod classes you can chose from. Those are :
Spec Ops
Ak74u – CZ75 – Flash
Mp5k – Python Speedreloader – Smoke
Ak47 – CZ75 – Flash
FAL – CZ75 – Flash
Galil – CZ75 – Smoke
Famas – Python Speedreloader – Flash
Commando – Python Speedreloader – Flash
M14 – Python Speedreloader – Smoke
Stakeout – Python Speedreloader – Flash
L96A1 – Python Speedreloader – Smoke
Visuals and FPS
-Camouflages are not enabled.
-The field of view is 90..
-Fog has been further reduced troughout the game.
-The games desuration has been removed, resulting in more colour.
-Player ‚bob‘ has been removed when sprinting, e.g
-Shadows have been disabled
-Removed all map FX & ambient sounds.
Additional Improvements
-Every kill gives +5 as score.
-+3 for every Plant or defuse.
-The plant/defuse bar has been more accurate, by removing the bomb.
-Attack and Defence have replaced, Spetznatz, BlackOps, etc
-Every round has a strattime of 6 seconds.
-A timer has been added for strattime.
-Colored killfeed.
-Wallbangs are improved.
-If you walk Aiming down sight you are completely silent, this first was disabled in
blackops but we enabled it again.
-Bandolier added for more ammo.
-Teamcounter above ammo ( how much alive )
-Create a-Class menu in-game, ( when modtools are out)
-Ability to suicide + drop the bomb with 2 different keys.
-Disabling frag cooking.
-Removing wall details for better FPS.
-Making the BETA pack with tuturial on how to use safely and let people test it.
-Ready-up button ( almost done =)

Wie der User Eekhoorn im Forum schreibt, haben die bisher durchgeführten Änderungen auch eine deutliche Erhöhung der FPS zufolge. So berichtet er das seine FPS von stabilen 60 auf 170 gestiegen sind.
Außerdem wurde auf YouTube ein Video hochgeladen, das einen ersten Einblick gewährt.


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