Call of Duty: Black Ops – PC-Patch 1.10 erschienen

Für Call of Duty: Black Ops ist der PC-Patch 1.10 erschienen. Dies hat der Treyarch-Mitarbeiter „pcdev“ vor wenigen Stunden getwittert.

PC Patch 1.10 is live now. #codblackops #pc

Mit dem Update wurden ein paar Exploits behoben sowie verschiedene Änderungen am Spiel vorgenommen.
Release Notes – PC Patch 1.10

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• Free For All matches in the Recent Games menu in Theater now appear as “Free for All” instead of being displayed as “Team Deathmatch”
• Addressed several items that did not correctly reset to their default state when using the Default System Settings option
• In the Combat Training Change map menu the player can toggle between the default and DLC maps using the arrow keys on the keyboard
• When the UAV is active the radar sweep movement is shown on kill streak menus that bring up a map for the player
• Added option to disable player emblems in the “Settings”, ”Multiplayer options” menu
• Addressed crash when a player accepted a game invite while rendering a clip
• Addressed various exploits
• Allow modded servers to enable cheats
• Added ability for mods to remove dvar/commands from restricted lists. So mods can remove dvars they don’t want user to have access to. Also increased the mods restricted list to 256

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