CoD: Black Ops – Patch für Xbox360 veröffentlicht

Bei Treyarch ist Patchwoche angesagt. Nachdem PC und PS3 in den letzten Tagen dringend benötigte Fehlerbehebungen bekommen haben, wurde Heute auch für die scheinbare Lieblingsplattform von Treyarch und Activision ein Patch veröffentlicht.

Wem das Changelog irgendwie bekannt vorkommt: Das der Playstation 3 sieht sehr ähnlich aus.
27.01.2011 (Title Update 6)
New Features:
• New contracts added to the rotation.
• Added optional pre-match timer for LAN / System-Link games.
• Support for “First Strike” map pack. All First Strike maps will be available in every playlist on 2/1.
Issues Addressed:
• Fix timing specific issue where the game can be put into slow motion.
• Addressed „disconnected path“ error when using the doors in Radiation after a host migration.
• Fixed stability issues navigating lobbies after client on Split Screen Zombies quits out of a game.
• Addressed issue/exploit when removing Counter Spy Plane effects with the Jammer.
• Fixed a freeze when quickly loading maps one after another in private match.
• Fixed issue where players get primary weapons in Second Chance.
• Fixed “NEW” stamp not disappearing for Custom Slot 9 when highlighting the slot.
• Removed water vision effect when respawning after dying in the acid pool in Radiation.
• Several contract fixes.
• Now allow players to connect to System Link Games even if they are not connected to LIVE.
• Fixed crash when host migration occurred during a join-in-progress.
• Fixed issue with players seeing incomplete Create a Class submenus when Party leader switches lobbies or kicks player.
• Fixed in-game Friends List from opening when viewing then closing the playercard of a player in a lobby.
• Addressed Zombies split screen issue where players sometimes get booted back in the lobby.
• Replaced debug text appearing for some content in the in-game Store.
• Fixed crash when attempting to watch a film or clip with 3 or more profiles signed in.
• Fixed freeze while watching films and changing sign-in status using inactive profiles.
• Fixed a freeze if a player opens the Xbox Guide while the match is ending and quits immediately as they arrive in the post-game lobby.
Gameplay Tuning:
• Second Chance – players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited for a full kill once that enemy dies. If another player kills the enemy while the enemy is in Second Chance, they will get assist credit.
• Adjustments to the PSG1 with attachments.
• AK74U adjustments.
• RCXD adjustments.
• Silenced sniper rifle adjustments.
• Removed hit markers when shooting friendly equipment.
Der Patch wird automatisch beim Start des Spiels heruntergeladen.
Quelle: Offz. Call of Duty Forum