Homefront – Neuer PC-Patch verfügbar

Für Homefront wurde ein neuer PC-Patch veröffentlicht, der die Versionsnummer 1.0.5 trägt. Neben einigen kleinen neuen Features wurden auch einige Bugs behoben.
Trotz Studioauflösung (wir berichteten) kümmert man sich bei Publisher THQ weiterhin um Homefront und versucht mit neuen DLCs und Patches das schwächelnde Spiel weiterhin am Leben zu erhalten. Der am Freitag veröffentlichte Patch dient unter anderem als Vorbereitung für das zweite Mappack mit dem Namen „The Rock“ (wir berichteten), das ab dem 30. August gekauft werden kann.

Client feature additions:
– Downloadable content pack 2 support.
– Ability pack 1.
– Server blacklisting support.
– Server image banner support.
– Fixed a voting logic issue.
– Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from scrolling the player list in the pause menu.
– When The replay playback ends the user should be brought back to the recorded games menu instead of the main menu.
– Fixed a HMMWV stats issue in the Armory in Multiplayer.
– Spectator mode and demo recording mode now show the kill crawl.
– Players can now launch a recorded game by double clicking it in the replay menu.
– Fixed an issue that could cause vehicles to not be reliably destroyed when exited multiple times.
– Fixed an erroneous team kill messaging issue.
– Fixed a shadow bias issue which was causing strange looking lines to appear on a number of textures.
– Fix for unicode issues when downloading the entire global banlist. The BOM was not being added to the beginning of the unicode banlist data, which would break reading it.
– Fix for global banlist download: HttpDownloader can now download files that are chunked (if content-length is not received in the http headers).
– Fix for potential random drop from full dedicated servers.
– Fix for doubling of scores after match reset.
– Fix for stand to prone in water on crossroads after crouching.
– Fix for server side restart (scoreboard issues).
– Fixed issue with server leaving intermission causing a crash.
– Fixed problem with LCD manager not initializing or shutting down when using the checkbox under gameplay options.
– Fixed issue with weapon time played stat.
– Fix for minimap weirdness on team vehicle spawn.
– Improved spectator mode smoothness.
– Fix for being able to go prone in water. Does not prevent a player from going prone and then standing up in water, but I think players would have been able to do this before.
– Fixed 1st person air drones clipping through the ground on BigBox.
– MP870 Shotgun
– Decreased full damage range so that weapon is less effective at range.
Dedicated server feature additions:
– Dedicated server tool frontend support for banlist end dates. When banning you may choose between a temporary or permanent ban, and temporary bans allow expiration date selection.
– Added a file chooser text box and imports for image banners to the dedicated server tool.
– Dedicated server tool now prompts for banlist on creation of new profiles.
– It is no longer possible to make a server with private slots reserved for a null clan.

Quelle: Homefront Blog

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